Improve communication in your organisation

Create your own unique multi-player game that challenges frontline staff to use jargon-free language. Dr Jargon is a high impact training resource for busy people that improves the clarity of communication with service-users.

It works on any device through a browser. Up to 8 people compete to describe terms without being ‘busted’ for using jargon. Current versions are being used widely in the NHS and universities.

We can create a new version of Dr Jargon to address any topic you choose. Your game would be ready in under 4 weeks. A high impact and low-cost intervention that is effective and fun.

Dr Jargon is a fun, but structured way to practice explaining complex terms without using jargon.
Dr Michelle Bishop, Health Education England.

Image and Audio © BBC World Service
The Game Encouraging Medics to not use Jargon. A card game to counter medical jargon. Broadcast: Sun 9 Apr 2017

How does Dr Jargon work?

Players must describe terms to their teammates without using jargon. Use any jargon and you’ll get “busted” by the opposition!

It is designed for between 4 and 8 players. It works through a web browser on any device and takes minutes to play. Anyone can organise and run a game. Dr Jargon is:


Fun and competitive

More difficult than it looks

Dr Jargon is a practical and enjoyable educational tool. It enables players to assess their knowledge and develop their understanding of the terms being described.

Create your own version

We can create a new version of Dr Jargon that addresses any topic where jargon is a barrier to clarity. It will take less than 4 weeks to develop, and the package includes:

Bespoke game addressing your topic

Includes your logo/branding

Unlimited users

Hosted and maintained by Focus Games

Please contact us to discuss the development of a customised version of Dr Jargon for your organisation.